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Mark Aaron Murnahan was a rebel from a very early age. After realizing he would have a hard time taking orders from a "boss", he took an early leave from school, trimmed down his mohawk, and started a successful business at age 16. That was 21 years ago. In those 21 years, Mark has worked hard to prove that if a person wants something badly enough that they can do nearly anything.

Mark resides in Topeka, Kansas with his wife, Peggy, and three children, ages six years, four years, and five months. Mark and Peggy enjoy racing, riding motorcycles, raising three very happy children, hosting theme parties, attending concerts, and their engaging careers as officers of YourNew.com, Inc.

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I am always pleased to meet new people and have a positive conversation. Reach me at my direct toll free line, 866-293-2489 or Skype to username murnahan


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